Meet Chris Conrad—old school bodybuilder and new-age formulator of Sudden Impact and Critical FX

Throughout my 40 years in bodybuilding, I’ve been fortunate enough to train with and shoot the shit with some of the world’s best back in the late-‘70’s,‘80’s, and ‘90’s.

Being from York, PA, I would hang out with the great John Grimek (Google him if you don’t know who he is) at his York Barbell office and listen for hours to his stories of lifting in the ‘30’s and 40’s – the real beginnings of the sport. Grimek was a bull of a man and incredibly strong…still squatting 405 for perfect reps of eight at 70 years old (I saw him do it!). And, even at that age…he still had - “The Attitude”.

I owned one of the “Original 50” Gold’s Gyms — and a delicatessen. A gym rat’s dream come true! In those days, you had to be hung-low to go into a hardcore gym like mine.

Everyone at my Gold’s was a Bodybuilder or a Powerlifter - we had national level bodybuilders and world-record holding powerlifters. We looked up to Bodybuilders the likes of Arnold, Platz, Zane, Mentzer – and Powerlifters like Coan, Kuc, Bridges, Kaz. Their training methods were emulated and adjusted to what worked for us, individually.

Respect had to be earned – it was never given – you had to pay your dues. There was veneration for those that came before you – and a reverence for the sport’s history and heritage.

”In-shape” types didn’t last long – lifting wasn’t for the “masses” then. The camaraderie at the gym was incredible…we lifted together - partied together - it was a great era to be a lifter. We were elite – and you weren’t…we lived life LARGE. That was “The Attitude”.

Later, while National Sales Manager of American Bodybuilding Products (Weider), I worked with all the Weider-contracted bodybuilders of the 90’s…hanging out at the trade-shows and talking about training methods - and other stuff. The free and unvarnished exchange of information and ideas was truly enlightening.

…but if you are a curious gym rat who would like to try them duringyour workouts, we can ship them to you directly from our home office…

…I’ve done many things that I’m proud of – and a lot I’m not proud of - but one of the highlights of my career is being a high-performance formulator and marketer for bodybuilders.

I have spent years through trial and error to come up with synergistic formulas that specifically works for even the most hard-pushing lifter…

…two of them are from a Hardcore’s wish list: Sudden Impact and Critical FX. These products are the real deal – they MUST deliver on their claims to have the Train Naked Labs logo on them.

I just wish I had products like this when I was younger and cocky, pushing big-weight – but in those days egg protein powder and UniPro Aminos were considered state-of-the-art. The industry’s come a long way.

The Hardcore-Performance drinks are mainly sold wholesale—supplied to gyms by our distributors in cases of 12 bottles. But if you are a curious gym rat – or an advanced lifter - who would like to try them during your workouts and can’t find them at your gym, we can ship smaller quantities to you directly from our home office so you can try them. If you like them, tell your gym owner to order them from one of our distributors.

See below on how to contact us, and to tell us how many you would like.Go ahead; load your guns with Sudden Impact and Critical FX. See what begins to happen as you push out those extra reps – and have the stamina to get through it.